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MD : Medical Data : medicinska revija = medical review / glavni i odgovorni urednik Dušan Lalošević. - Vol. 1, no. 1 (2009)- . - Zemun : Udruženje za kulturu povezivanja Most Art Jugoslavija ; Novi Sad : Pasterovo društvo, 2009- (Beograd : Scripta Internacional). - 30 cm

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ISSN 1821-1585 = MD. Medical Data
COBISS.SR-ID 158558988




Ahmedteha Adem Ahmed, Girma Mamo Ijigu
Department of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Jimma University, Ethiopia


• The paper was received on 09.09.2016. / Accepted on 14.09.2016.


Correspondence to:
Girma Mamo Ijigu (B.Pharm, M.Sc. RPH)
Jimma University
 P.O.Box – 378
Cell Phone: +251917805608
E-mail address:




Background: The rational use of medicines is crucial for treatment outcome. Dispensing and information provided during dispensing determines use of medicines by patients. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to assess labeling and patient knowledge of dispensed drugs at Shenen Gibe District Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy.
Method: A cross sectional study was conducted at Shenen Gibe District Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy from February 09-20/2015 G.C. The pattern of labeling was assessed by calculating the mean labeling scores by evaluating individual packages of dispensed drugs examined using previously prepared check list. The patient knowledge scores were obtained from patient recall of knowledge indicators of dispensed drugs. 
Result: From a total of 290 respondents, most of them recalled the reason for prescription (96.3%) and frequency of administration (95.2%) of drugs dispensed to them. The mean patient knowledge score of dispensed drugs was found to be 4 which represents(66.7%) of the total score on 6 scales .The mean labeling score was found to be 3.46 which represents 49.43% of the total score. The mean dispensing time was found to be 124 seconds which was too short.
Conclusion: This study shows that there was poor labeling practice by the dispensers in the pharmacy during dispensing. But generally, it was concluded that patients served at Shenen Gibe District Hospital Outpatient pharmacy have a fair knowledge on dispensed drugs in spite of the short dispensing time.



Key words

Labeling, Patient knowledge, Drugs, Shenen Gibe, Outpatient Pharmacy, Ethiopia





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UDK: 615-051:614.253.8(63)
COBISS.SR-ID 226165772

PDF Ahmedteha A. and Girma Mamo I. • MD-Medical Data 2016;8(3): 179-184

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